Down A Darkened Path: A Collection

Down A Darkened Path is a book collecting three shorts and a novella. They range from outright horror to everyday horror.

Included in this collection:

NIGHTMARES AND CONTRABAND – A man goes on the worst drug trip of all time, but not of his own accord.
COLD CALL – A salesman suffering from emetophobia will do anything to take his mind off his fear. Even calling a stranger who happens to have the same name.
RUN: A THOMAS KING STORY – Thomas has a talent he never asked for and the government wants to talk to him about it. He has other plans.
IT ALL STARTED: A DARK NOVELLA – Matt meets the girl of his dreams but she has a boyfriend. His crush turns to love and then to a dangerous obsession.

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Overcome Emetophobia Self Hypnosis Hypnotherapy CD, 3 tracks

Self Hypnosis CD Rachael Eccles Clinical Hypnotherapist Overcome Emetophobia

This self hypnosis CD is designed for all levels of severity of this phobia. for the duration of the CD (all three tracks) the word “emetophobia” is mentioned as the title at the intro of each track but there is no other mention of that word or any other words that might trigger anxiety, the wording is carefully managed so that you know what it is about and it makes sense but without difficult descriptions or words. This a gentle process which we hope will have a powerful and lasting positive impact on your issues with Emetophobia.

Please look Rachael up on Amazon mp3 or google to hear a voice sample as it is important that you like the voice you are listening to.

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