Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive: The Research-backed Self-help Programme to Overcome Your Fear of Being Sick

Regardless of what you might read or hear elsewhere, you CAN be cured of emetophobia – a fear of being sick – and you can do it yourself, in the comfort and safety of your own home. Rob Kelly has helped hundreds of emetophobics over the last twenty five years, and supervised the helping of many hundreds of others. This book is based on his Thrive Programme, but it has been re-written and re-researched especially for people with a specific fear of vomiting/fear of being sick.

We have just finished a research survey (download it here: following up 34 emetophobes going through Thrive to help overcome their phobia. All of them overcame their fear. At the same time, they all significantly raised their self-esteem, significantly lowered their social anxiety, reduced their obsessing, calmed down their ‘desire for control’ and felt much more powerful! These changes are ESSENTIAL if you want to completely overcome your phobia.

Where does emeto come from? Why are 90% of the sufferers women? Why is it such a huge phobia to have (probably the worst of all of the phobias)? Why do so many women suffer from it (about 5-8% of all women – to a greater or lesser extent) and yet they mostly keep it secret from their family and friends? Why does exposure therapy generally not work for emetophobes? What are the shortfalls of CBT? Why is the Thrive Programme so effective in helping emetophobes? All these questions, and much more, are thoroughly explored and answered. Childhood, parenting, anxiety, social phobia, depression, agorophobia, OCD, obsessive brooding, hyper vigilance, black and white thinking are all described in detail.

More importantly, the book details a step by step programme (online support available) that you can follow at home, which will enable you to finally overcome your fear/phobia, get on with your life, and positively THRIVE. See also

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2 Responses to Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive: The Research-backed Self-help Programme to Overcome Your Fear of Being Sick

  1. NatalieG13 says:

    Amazing! I am currently half way through ‘cure your emetophobia…’ After buying it on a whim that it may work…I am 23 and have had what I would describe as moderate emetophobia for as long as I can remember. It started as a child when seeing others vomit used to make me feel ‘weird’ ie I would be thinking about it afterwards.,. Now the thought or mention if vomiting makes me feel ill and I’ve had periods of strong anxiety around my own health which obviously affects my daily life…Anyway…

  2. Mr. Mrs. S. J. Ward says:

    Is it easy? – NO. Worth it? ABSOLUTELY! I bought this book in July 2016 and like many others I was sceptical that reading a book could ‘cure’ me. I had ‘emetophobia’ for around 20 years and I’d always thought that was just the way my life would be. I thought about sick (being sick, feeling sick, others being sick) all day, every day and carried out many safety behaviors, thinking I was preventing myself from catching a bug or becoming sick. I didn’t let my phobia ruin my life or stop me from doing anything…

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