Kids Craft Cute Yellow Round Vomiting & Sucking Lazy Egg Yolk Vent Stress Tricky Game Relief Toys UK

Color: yellow
Size: 7.5*7.5*9.5*cm/ 2.95*2.95*3.74in
Material: rubber
Weight: 0.15kg

How to play
Take the egg and make it suck the yolk and it will vomit the yolk until the yolk drops.


Product Features

  • ✔ Applicable age:Over 8 years of age ,Should be put out of the children’s reach and can’t be eaten
  • ✔ Made of rubber
  • ✔ Cute egg with big mouth, can suck the yolk and vomit it
  • ✔ Just squeeze it and make it fun
  • ✔ Interestingly spoof toys, make you feel funny.

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