Living with Emetophobia: Coping with Extreme Fear of Vomiting

” This book is an extremely easy read – no jargon or ambiguous clinical terms. It serves as an informative tool, by creating awareness through first hand accounts, which could be used by both sufferers and professionals.”

– Anxious Times

`It is a highly readable book based largely on the experiences of the author…I would highly recommend it to all emetophobes. Equally, I would recommend it to friends and family of sufferers because it will help non-sufferers understand why emets act in the way we do and, via fascinating insights into how our minds work, why we find certain situations very difficult to cope with.’, June 2007

Emetophobia, the extreme fear of vomiting, can affect just about every aspect of sufferer’s life, from everyday considerations (`what food will be “safe” for me to eat?’) to matters that involve making huge, potentially devastating decisions (`I can’t have this baby, I can’t face morning sickness’).

Nicolette Heaton-Harris has first-hand experience of the phobia and its effects. She suggests strategies for coping with the high levels of anxiety that are intrinsic to the phobia, as well as pre-empting and avoiding anxiety attacks. The experiences of fellow sufferers of all ages, male and female, are shared throughout the book and a list of useful organisations providing further information and support services is also included.

Living with Emetophobia is a must-have for anyone suffering from emetophobia, anyone living with an emetophobic as well as professionals treating or supporting people with emetophobia.

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3 Responses to Living with Emetophobia: Coping with Extreme Fear of Vomiting

  1. Anonymous says:

    mixed feelings I had my incident that brought upon my phobia at the age of 8. Since then my life has been constant “what ifs”, anxiety and panic attacks. This book really hit home because I could have wrote it myself, meaning it was very on point. Just knowing there are others out there that think and feel the same way makes me feel better. This book is an easy read and it’s easy to understand. It’s great to share with trusted family and friends whom you want to let in on your phobia. I wish the other…

  2. Anonymous says:

    No help here! I just read it and have mixed feelings. As one of the only (that I know of) books that has been written on the subject, I own a copy because I don’t know what other books really deal with this subject. In some ways, I think it was really brave of this woman to write this book, especially because she suffers from this condition so bad. But on the other hand, I was hoping for more advice on how to deal with this problem. Instead it was mainly personal stories and antidotes. It did educate me very…

  3. Anonymous says:

    I anxiously awaited the arrival of this book thinking it would help me cope with emetophobia, since part of the title is “coping with Extreme fear of Vomiting”. Unfortunately, all this book is about is the author’s and a few other’s personal experiences with the phobia. If what you need is to know that there are others out there suffering with the same phobia, it’s great, it describes every irrational thought I’ve ever had about vomiting and the problems that it causes in every day life. If…

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