Luxendary Designer, 3D Printed, Fashion, Air-Pocket Cushions, 360 GLASS Protector Bundle Cell Phone Case for iPhone 8/7 – clear Morning After Vomiting Unicorn

Product Features

  • The air Series is our latest generation case and this 360 bundle includes a tempered glass screen protector.
  • It incorporates the best of both worlds: optimal everyday protection in a small & light form-factor.
  • Built-in air pockets provide the same level of protection as most “heavy-duty” cases, yet add almost no additional weight or bulkiness.
  • With proprietary mnm technology (magnetic Neutral material) the air Series ensures compatibility with wireless chargers (most competitor cases interfere with wireless charging).
  • The 3d-printed design appears handcrafted and makes Luxendary air Series more than a protective phone case but also, an expression of your personality.

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