MQ Anti Nausea Travel Car Air Sea Vomiting Relief Pain Patch 20 Count/Box

Working theory
1.Adjust the control of the vagal nerve to gastrointestinal tract, inhibit the motility of the gastrointestinal , thus preventing nausea and vomiting.
2.By expanding the capillaries of the skin , to improve the microcirculation of body and increase the amount of oxygen to brain ,thus comes to the effect of refreshing your brain.
1.Tear the protective layer,adhere the adhesive layer to the navel or the back of your ears.
2.One/two patch per time,according to your body condition,Painless to remove.
3.Attach 10 minutes before the travel ,the effect will last about 1-3 days .

Product Features

  • 100% Natural Herb Treatment,No pills or side effects
  • Safe for kids up to 4, NOT used by Pregnant and Surgery body.
  • Easy to apply and Painless to remove.
  • Attach 10 minutes behind ear before the travel,last about 1-3 days
  • Small and Light packing for best travel partner.

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3 Responses to MQ Anti Nausea Travel Car Air Sea Vomiting Relief Pain Patch 20 Count/Box

  1. David R. Rees says:

    Amazingly successful product Although sceptical, I have just put these patches to the test of long coach journeys through Portugal and coach-trips on some of the twisting and mountainous routes to tourist destinations. I was able to sleep on the longer journeys and was totally unconcerned about keeping my eyes glued to the road ahead on the twisty bits so I could take photos out of the coach windows and have a good look around without experiencing ANY nausea whatsoever! They are so easy to use and produce no side-effects…

  2. F Simpson says:

    these definitely work

  3. peter says:

    Life in the Ocean Waves !

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