3 Responses to Overcoming Health Anxiety

  1. Helen.Garrick says:

    A really helpful book I have always had health anxiety, but during pregnancy it got really bad (I am now 28 weeks pregnant) so I started CBT and bought this book. This book really goes into the mechanisms of the hypochondriac’s brain and helps you to see things more clearly and also suggests treatment, techniques and looks into medication. It is very important to feel someone understands and this book does just that, it makes you feel less alone by describing exactly the thought patterns which you can recognise as…

  2. JennyD says:

    Wish I had read this book a while ago My issues started with lifelong asthma and then a bad neck that made me think I was going to choke or stop breathing. So spiralled into constantly monitoring my bodies reactions and got myself into a vicious circle – I read this book and some things really resonated with me and others didn’t but it is a really good way of making you rethink and rewire how you respond and react and has really helped me to get back to normality. I am still in pain but not as much simply because I am not stressing…

  3. certacito says:

    Excellant Book

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