The UK is the least equipped among wealthy nations for mental well-being!

According to the Daily Mail, Britons are the most miserable, stressed and least well equipped amongst wealthy nations for mental well-being.

“The mental health of Britons is the worst in western Europe, an official analysis revealed yesterday.
A report suggests we are suffering stress by choosing careers that cause us to lose touch with family, friends and neighbourhoods.
A table ranked the UK as the least equipped among wealthy nations for mental well-being and the ability to deal with the problems posed by everyday life.
At 59 per cent, Britain was just three points above the Baltic republic of Latvia – which had the lowest score in the European Union…….”

Well it does not need to be like that. Contact your nearest Thrive Programme consultant to help you improve your mental well-being. Build confidence, therefore reduce stress, build resilience, raise self-esteem with the evidence based Thrive Programme.

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Fear of Vomiting for Children Hypnosis CD

Many children suffer from a fear of vomiting and trying to deal with the fear can be a nightmare for the parent or caregiver.

It has to be remembered that a child’s imagination is so much more vivid than the average adult’s and they are prone to fantasizing all sorts of things that we couldn’t even imagine.

It is precisely why children’s imaginations are so rich in content that makes them ideal candidates for hypnosis.

This Fear of Vomiting for Children CD will appeal to most young children and help them to overcome their fear in a healthy, non-intrusive and holistic manner.

This hypnosis CD session can be listened to at your computer, at bed time or in your spare time for instant benefits.

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