Innovet Pet Products STAT!Syringe First Aid to Induce Vomiting in Dogs (with Bottle)

For dogs only! Not for cats or humans!! Each year countless dogs are killed by accidental ingestion of chocolate, rat poison, antifreeze and prescription pills. If your pet got into something poisonous, you always want to call your veterinarian or an animal poison control center first. Why? Because sometimes you can cause more injury or harm if you induce vomiting when it’s not appropriate. If instructed to induce vomiting, the STAT!Syringe is designed to quickly administer the proper dose of hydrogen peroxide 3%. It is a must have for every dog first aid kit. How to induce vomiting in dogs: You will need: -Standard household Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (do not use any other type!) -STAT!Syringe -Paper towels Fill the STAT!Syringe up to the notch corresponding to your dogs weight with the 3% Hydrogen Peroxide. Place the soft tip of the syringe into the side of your dogs mouth and angle it toward the cheek. Slowly press the plunger of the syringe until the entire dose is delivered. You may repeat this dose for a maximum of two times but wait at least 15 mins between doses. Walking your dog around may help to expedite the process. If still does not vomit after another 10 minutes, bring your dog and the chemical bottle or other toxin to the vet at once as the vet may have stronger products to induce vomiting. It worked! Now what? Vomiting is a quick fix, intended to get the offending substance out of the animals system and to give you time to get to your veterinarian; a trip to the vet is still warranted for precautionary measures. Depending on what was ingested, activated charcoal may need to be given by a healthcare provider to help bind any residual poison and to prevent further absorption. Because there may be important clues needing to be discovered, be sure to save the vomitus to show your veterinarian. When to induce vomiting? If you come home to discover your dog has eaten chocolate, sugarless gum, fertilizer, alcohol, grapes, mushrooms, prescription or re

Product Features

  • Save your dog before its too late!
  • Chocolate, grapes, antifreeze, sugarless gum = toxic to dogs
  • Uses standard Hydrogen Peroxide 3% (4oz bottle INCLUDED)
  • Fill syringe up to the notch corresponding to your dogs weight
  • Designed to work in poisoning emergencies to inducing vomiting in dogs

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