Food Phobia: Overcome Anxiety and Fear of Food, Hypnotherapy Help Trying New Foods For Fussy and picky Eaters Hypnosis CD


This Hypnosis CD can help with food refusal, food neophobia, avoidant eating, fussy and picky eaters. It focuses on the aspect of food anxiety involving trying new, unfamiliar foods. It aims to ease anxiety when faced with new unfamiliar foods, and to build curiosity, calmness and enjoyment in attempting to eat new foods at a pace that is comfortable with the person with the fear of food, in control of the situation. It does NOT deal with anxieties regarding germs, contamination or fear of vomiting. The Food Phobia Hypnosis CD can develop in you:

★ Much reduced stress at trying new foods
★ A more comfortable feeling when experiencing unusual textures of foods in the mouth
★ Noticeable results you can build on

Hypnotherapy is effective in programming your mind to overcome habitual reactions and anxieties. This hypnosis can help your subconscious mind let go of unnecessary fear and begin to build a curiosity and enjoyment in trying new foods. It is important to ensure there is no pressure from others and that the trying of new foods is at a comfortable pace, it will take time to build a range of new acceptable and liked foods, it cannot be rushed.

This CD includes 2 hypnosis sessions to choose from:

1. Listen & wake
2. Bedtime hypnosis

The Listen and wake track will guide you into a deeply relaxed state, and develop positive changes in the way you feel. As you listen you absorb the hypnotic suggestions. Use this session if you want to feel refreshed and alert afterwards.

The Bedtime hypnosis is similar to track 1 except it guides you to sleep as it ends, ideal to use when you go to bed.

We are confident you will be happy with your CD, but if you are not completely satisfied, return within 60 days for your money back. Do not use while driving, operating machinery. If you have epilepsy, schizophrenia or a heart condition, consult a physician before use.

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Luxendary MORNING AFTER VOMITING UNICORN Air Series Clear Silicone Case with 3D printed design and Air-Pocket Cushion Bumper for iPhone Xs Max (new 2018/2019 model with 6.5″ screen)

Product Features

  • The air Series is our latest generation case.
  • It incorporates the best of both worlds: optimal everyday protection in a small & light form-factor.
  • Built-in air pockets provide the same level of protection as most “heavy-duty” cases, yet add almost no additional weight or bulkiness.
  • With proprietary mnm technology (magnetic Neutral material) the air Series ensures compatibility with wireless chargers (most competitor cases interfere with wireless charging).
  • The 3d-printed design appears handcrafted and makes Luxendary air Series more than a protective phone case but also, an expression of your personality.

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Vomiting Sucking Lazy Egg Relieve The Pressure Relief Squeeze Toys for Stress and Anxiety Relief (4 pcs)

100% new high quality
When squeezed, PVC egg yolk will be squeezed out!
These toys are great for relieving stress, keeping irritated hands or just fooling around!
Package Including
1*Squeeze Toys

Product Features

  • Squishy Toy materials – TPR and PVC material , They are very soft and so cute and have a great squeeze to them almost a jelly like feel, so much fun both for Adult and kids .
  • This interesting squeeze toy of yolk can not only vomit, but also suck back.
  • Soft squishy – These squishy toys are amazing soft and cute with super slow rising. You will can not stop pinching them because of the great touch feeling and full squeeze-ability.
  • Wide usage – These Super playful toy are designed to release your stress and great for party bag filler,rewards and so on.
  • Applicable age: more than 7 years old; Note: not in the mouth!

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