Emergency Urine Bag, Portable Urine Bag and Vomiting Bag for men, women and children 6PCS

Introduction: This product is a convenient portable micro-toilet, filled with super absorbent curing agent and bactericide, great absorbency ability, solidified immediately after urination, no more unpleasant odors once liner is sealed.
Reasonable design: Designed according to ergonomic principles, the structure without leakage after an absorbent, easy to be used.
Comfortable use: The pocket opening is made by soft material, feel relieved to use.
Recommended to use: It can be used under conditions that are not convenient to use the toilet, such as car, hospital, survival, work, traveling, camping, etc..
Usage and Precautions:
    Holding the bag while using.
    Do not give the children to play.
    Do not get close to fire.
    Do not use in the other ways.

Product Features

  • Use the latest patented technology, can be completely degraded after abandoning, safety and environmental protection, non toxic and disposal safe.
  • Easy to carry, Disposable, Lightweight, two layers of exquisite packaging, healthy and hygienic.
  • Can quickly absorb urine or vomitus and become gelatinous material, avoid urine spillover and feces secondary infection, no peculiar smell.
  • Can help you solve the problem that you can not go to the toilet for various reasons, such as long travelling, long-distance driving, motion sickness, and any other inconvenient situations.
  • Convenient, unisex, even can be used as an auxiliary urinary aid for people with inconvenient movement caused by injury, disease, etc..

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Understanding and Controlling Vomiting in Dying Patients

Vomiting is a very distressing and limiting factor in patients whose life expectancy is grossly curtailed and it is important that the problem is approached with sympathy and understanding. This programme looks at the causes of vomiting and its pharmacological treatment. The importance of a systematic approach is stressed.Ê Ê Does not necessarily show current practice. Included for archival use. This programme can be rented on our Video on Demand system for £3.16. For this you can view as often as you like within a 48 hour period of your own choosing.

Product Features

  • End of life care
  • Vomiting
  • Hospices
  • Medical training film
  • Pharmacological treatment

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finoo Black Sports Bag Gym Bag Sports Bag Backpack Bag Sports Bag Hipster Bag with Unicorn Motif Induce Vomiting

finoo Black Sports Bag Backpack Gym Bag sports bag Sports bag bag Hipster Bag with unicorn motif induce vomiting
; Package Content: 1 x Sports Bag with motif – , can be used finoo bag and backpack, it still remains an absolute eye-catcher – The Gym Bags finoo is waiting for a size 37 x 47 cm, so it provides plenty of room for everyday life.
He has a lot of names: bag Jute Bag – Backpack hipster bag gym bag bag bag festivalbag Beach Hipster String or just your own finoo.
Features: – Material: 100% organic cotton – 340 g/m² heavy, control union certified fabric, high quality cotton,

Product Features

  • Box contents: 1 x Sports Bag with motif
  • , can be used finoo as a bag and backpack, it still remains an absolute eye-catcher
  • The Gym Bags finoo is waiting for a size 37 x 47 cm, so it provides plenty of room for everyday life.
  • It has many names: bag jute bag backpack hipster bag Gym Bag Sports Bag Bag festivalbag Beach Hipster string or just your own bag finoo.
  • Material: 100% Organic Cotton Heavy – 340 g/m², control Union certified fabric, high quality cotton,

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Making Friends with Anxiety: A warm, supportive little book to ease worry and panic – 2018 edition

‘Simple, lucid advice on how to accept anxiety,’ Matt Haig, Sunday Times bestselling author of ‘Reasons to Stay Alive’.

From the bestselling author Sarah Rayner comes a self-help book packed with tips, exercises and insights to help ease worry and panic.

Drawing on her own experience of anxiety disorder and recovery, she explores this common and often distressing condition with candour and humour. She reveals the seven elements that commonly contribute to anxiety including adrenaline, negative thinking and fear of the future, explaining why it becomes such a problem for many of us.

Illustrated by examples and photographs from the author’s own life and backed by an online support group, since its launch in 2014 this companion to mental good health has helped thousands of sufferers across the world. Now it’s been updated for 2016 to include more insights from the author, and dozens of bite-size suggestions from readers and group members who share what’s worked for them.

If you suffer from panic attacks, a debilitating disorder or simply want to spend less time worrying, Making Friends with Anxiety will give you a greater understanding of how your mind and body work together, helping restore confidence and control.

* Draws on the techniques of Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy
* Useful links throughout, plus details of helplines and recommended reads

‘Simple, lucid advice on how to accept your anxiety’ Matt Haig, bestselling author of Reasons to Stay Alive.

‘This is a great book: readable, practical and, most importantly, compassionate. Sarah Rayner gives a clear explanation of the common symptoms of anxiety and panic that affect so many lives. She then goes on to give sound advice as to how to cope with these ongoing feelings. This entails a series of strategies that encourage understanding of the anxiety rather than its suppression, aiming to give control of these complex emotions back to the patient. It’s impressive that she admits to her own anxiety issues, and without embarrassment shows how they have affected her life, how she has sought help over the years, and how she continues to deal with them. The fact she has written this book shows how well she has embraced her demons, able to get on with her own creative life. I will be recommending this book to my patients.’
Dr P Fitzgerald, GP

‘Sarah’s advice is very sage: if one is prone to anxiety, as many of us are, it is futile to expect to be totally rid of it forever. It will come back, but it is possible to tame it. She encourages the reader to be kinder to themselves, live in the moment, and accept their anxiety as an occasionally troublesome, yet integral part of their own being. Deeply personal yet eminently practical, this accessible and engaging e-book should prove extremely helpful to anyone trying to cope with anxiety.’
Dr Ian Williams, GP and author

‘A self-help book packed with tips, exercises, and insights to ease worry and panic, this reads like chatting with an old friend; one with wit, wisdom and experience. Perfect for anyone suffering from this difficult disorder.’
Laura Lockington, The Book Doctor, The Brighton and Hove Independent

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