PEIVOR Pregnant Women Relieve Pregnancy Vomit Wristband Anti-Nausea Retching Bracelet Early Pregnancy Stop Vomiting Anti-Motion Sickness Pregnancy Spit Bracelet

Product Name: Pregnant Women’s Bracelet
Size: all size
Applicable people: early pregnancy mothers during pregnancy, nausea, morning sickness, nausea, and discomfort during pregnancy
Body material: silicone
Maintenance method: please wash with a gentle detergent
Note: 1. Pregnant women who are sensitive or allergic to silicone materials, please use this product with caution.
2. After wearing the bracelet, if the morning sickness persists, please consult a professional.
3. The “pressure ball” on the bracelet presses the acupuncture point, which may leave a temporary ring mark on the skin, which is a normal phenomenon.
4. If the wristband is worn too tight, it will cause swelling of the hand. If swelling occurs, please remove the bracelet and wait until the swelling subsides.
5. A small number of people are particularly sensitive to the pressure of “Neiguan Point”. If discomfort occurs, please remove the bracelet immediately.

Product Features

  • ★ Press “Neiguan Point” to relieve morning sickness
  • ★ Acupressure, physical method is safer
  • ★ watch wristband, adjustable pressure
  • ★Silicone material, safe and healthy

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