VSafety 44011BC-S Mandatory Catering Sign, Self Adhesive, Food Safety Checklist, Portrait, 300 mm x 400 mm, Blue

Product Features

  • Helps to fulfil legal obligations to remind staff and visitors to wear the appropriate PPE in catering environments to ensure personal safety and maintain hygiene levels
  • Conforms to EN ISO 7010:2012 – Mandatory Signs feature a round symbol with a blue background of at least 50% of the total sign area, with a white pictogram and text
  • Portrait Orientation. Sign reads “Food Safety Checklist. Always Wash Your Hands Between Handling Raw And Cooked Meat Products. Report Any Illness Like Diarrhoea, Vomiting or Infected Cuts”
  • Highly durable Self Adhesive Vinyl material and screen printed message will stand the test of time
  • Sign measures 300 x 400mm. Self Adhesive material will adhere securely to most surfaces

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