Emergency Urine Bag, Portable Urine Bag and Vomiting Bag for men, women and children 6PCS

Introduction: This product is a convenient portable micro-toilet, filled with super absorbent curing agent and bactericide, great absorbency ability, solidified immediately after urination, no more unpleasant odors once liner is sealed.
Reasonable design: Designed according to ergonomic principles, the structure without leakage after an absorbent, easy to be used.
Comfortable use: The pocket opening is made by soft material, feel relieved to use.
Recommended to use: It can be used under conditions that are not convenient to use the toilet, such as car, hospital, survival, work, traveling, camping, etc..
Usage and Precautions:
    Holding the bag while using.
    Do not give the children to play.
    Do not get close to fire.
    Do not use in the other ways.

Product Features

  • Use the latest patented technology, can be completely degraded after abandoning, safety and environmental protection, non toxic and disposal safe.
  • Easy to carry, Disposable, Lightweight, two layers of exquisite packaging, healthy and hygienic.
  • Can quickly absorb urine or vomitus and become gelatinous material, avoid urine spillover and feces secondary infection, no peculiar smell.
  • Can help you solve the problem that you can not go to the toilet for various reasons, such as long travelling, long-distance driving, motion sickness, and any other inconvenient situations.
  • Convenient, unisex, even can be used as an auxiliary urinary aid for people with inconvenient movement caused by injury, disease, etc..

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