Vomiting Sucking Lazy Egg Relieve The Pressure Relief Squeeze Toys for Stress and Anxiety Relief (4 pcs)

100% new high quality
When squeezed, PVC egg yolk will be squeezed out!
These toys are great for relieving stress, keeping irritated hands or just fooling around!
Package Including
1*Squeeze Toys

Product Features

  • Squishy Toy materials – TPR and PVC material , They are very soft and so cute and have a great squeeze to them almost a jelly like feel, so much fun both for Adult and kids .
  • This interesting squeeze toy of yolk can not only vomit, but also suck back.
  • Soft squishy – These squishy toys are amazing soft and cute with super slow rising. You will can not stop pinching them because of the great touch feeling and full squeeze-ability.
  • Wide usage – These Super playful toy are designed to release your stress and great for party bag filler,rewards and so on.
  • Applicable ageļ¼š more than 7 years old; Note: not in the mouth!

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Anxiety as an Ally: How I Turned a Worried Mind into My Best Friend

After experiencing his first panic attack on New Year’s Day of 2003, Dan Ryckert began a 12-year process of learning how to channel panic disorder and generalized anxiety disorder until they became driving forces in his life. Using anxiety as his ally, he was able to land dream jobs within the video game industry and vastly improve the quality of his personal life. In this candid recollection, you’ll learn about how he went from having panic attacks during college roll calls to speaking in front of large crowds with minimal interference from anxiety. More importantly, Ryckert details the methods in which he channelled these once-negative conditions until they became a driving force in his life and something he wouldn’t get rid of even if he was given the chance.

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