Careshine 1500ml Disposable Vomiting Bags, Hospital Vomit Bags, Emergency Bags,20 Pack

Product description
Product name:Disposable vomiting bag
Rim Material:PP
Bag Material: HDPE、LDPE
inside diameter: 110mm
Outside diameter: 125mm
length: 25mm
Colour: white
Weight: 300g

Package Including
White disposable vomiting bags X20

Product Features

  • ✪ CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: This vomiting bag has a big opening rim that fits perfectly in the mouth area to prevent spillage when used. It is also very easy to wrap up and dispose after vomiting.
  • ✪ COST-EFFECTIVE: The efficiency of this product is worth the price. This 20-pack Emesis Bags will prevent vomit fluids from spilling all over your clothes, car seat, carpet saving you from paying for cleaning services. This is a must have for taxis and car service providers.
  • ✪ SECURE AND SEALED: With its closure system – twist, and secure bag into a notched ring that helps to seal and eliminate odors and reduce contamination.
  • ✪ LIGHT WEIGHT: It is a hand carry one- size bag that has a 1500ml and can be easily tucked anywhere for easy access when urgently needed.
  • ✪ ALTERNATIVE USES: This sealable vomit bag can also be used for motion and air sickness. And this is also very useful in throwing waste products that emit pungent smells like rotting and spoiled food.

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