Sedeta® 4Pcs/set Child Urine Bag Unisex Disposable Bags Outdoor Travel Emergency Toilet for emergency The Car emergency urinals travel Zijia Driving urinal bag motion sickness vomiting bags Color: Si


Color: Silver
Material: Polymer absorbent paper + polyester + PE
Item Size: 130 * 260 mm
Capacity: 600 cc/one
Net weight: 45 g
Gross weight: 45 g

Packing size: 19.5 * 11 * 2 cm

4PCS Child Adult Unisex Disposable Urine Bag

Product Features

  • void soiling of plastic urinal: never clean a urinal again!
  • Trust Vitality Medical for your Urine Bag and Urinary Incontinence Needs
  • Secures the collection, transportation and disposal of urine
  • It is Convenient for your emergency if you’re in a noise city.
  • Improves comfort to patient, caregiver and family members

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When a Child’s Anxiety Takes Over: A Mother’s Struggle to Save Her Child from Emetophobia

This is a must read for any parent whose child is suffering from a specific phobia and is struggling through daily life. This true story brings you inside the life of a mother who struggled to save her daughter from a lonely and debilitating battle with emetophobia and anxiety. Emetophobia, an irrational fear of vomit, is listed as one of the top five most common phobias. It receives little attention compared to other irrational fears, and trying to treat it can be quite difficult. With her daughter losing weight daily and refusing to even leave the house, she knew she needed more than weekly therapy. Exposure Therapy was their last hope for help. The only way to save her daughter was to make her face her greatest fear.

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