Cure Your Emetophobia & Thrive: The Researched-backed Self-help Programme to Overcome Your Fear of Being Sick

Cure your emetophobia and Thrive, the research-backed self-help programme to overcome your fear of being sick. This book has been written at the request of numerous readers of my ‘Thrive’ book. I have helped hundreds of emetophobics over the last twenty five years, and supervised the helping of many hundreds of others. This programme is based on my Thrive Programme, but it has been redesigned and re-engineered for people with a specific fear of vomiting/fear of being sick. Including a discussion about all the major research studies into emetophobia, and including my own recent follow-up study of the last 30+ emetophobics I have helped. Where does emeto come from? Why are 90% of the sufferers women? Why is it such a huge phobia to have (probably the worst of all of the phobias)? Why do so many women suffer from it (about 5-8% of all women – to a greater or lesser extent) and yet they mostly keep it secret from their family and friends? Why does exposure therapy generally not work for emetophobes? What are the shortfalls of CBT? Why is the Thrive Programme so effective in helping emetophobes? All these questions, and much more, are thoroughly explored and answered. Included in the book – the biggest study of it’s type – is feedback data from recent ex-emetophobes we have helped. Childhood, parenting, anxiety, social phobia, depression, agorophobia, OCD, obsessive brooding, hyper vigilance, black and white thinking are all described in detailed. More importantly, the book details a step by step programme that you can follow at home, which will enable you to finally overcome your fear/phobia, get on with your life, and positively THRIVE.

Product Features

  • Cure your emetophobia
  • Research-backed self-help programme
  • Overcome your fear of being sick
  • Based on my Thrive Programme,

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