Silipos Digital Ribbed Knit Fabric Cap | Lined with Moisturising Mineral Oil Gel

Helps to relieve painful corns and calluses; Medical grade mineral oil gel cushions, protects and moisturises; Relieves pressure and friction; Material Hypoallergenic and latex free

Product Features

  • Soft, comfortable, and stretch fabric, fully coated with Silipos ½ gel. helps relieve painful corns and hard skin
  • Digital Caps, ideal to relieve the pressure and friction on the affected toe or finger
  • Fully lined with medical grade mineral oil gel to surround, soothe, moisturize, vomiting and protect the slowly releases a medical condition of mineral oil and moisturize to soften the skin
  • Compatible with toes or fingers (average length 2.5 worldwide/6.5 cm) and can be cut to size, hypoallergenic and latex free —— (2 in each pack)
  • Helps to reduce the discomfort caused by corns, blisters and ingrown nails, relieves pain, Corns, nail incarnita hammertoes and tips

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