Stop Peanuts – Allergy Alert NO Peanuts Key Ring Bottle Opener 58mm Round Keychain

Our Printed 58mm round Keyring bottle openers are a wonderful gift for that special person or occassion.

Our range of customisable novelty keychains are a great way to reward, motivate and celebrate.

You can either purchase the item as is or customise, personalise to suit you’re requirements.

They are great novelty gifts for family, friends, parties, christenings, baptisms, hen do’s, Stag

Nights, weddings, Birthdays, concerts, Christmas, Valentines, Easter, stocking fillers etc.

Our novelty key rings provide you with the best quality of product and printed finish.

The keyrings are great just for keys or to attach to a bag, purse, handbag, belt loop or zip

They are a fun novelty item to brighten up any day or any persons life and a great talking point

We make a 100% attempt to replicate the colours listed but computers can show slight differences.

All of our products are produced and printed in the UK, are made new for each single order.

We attempt to maintain a high standard of product and therefore customer satisfaction.

To this end we operate a 60 day return policy.

If the item has been personalised or customised in anyway to suit a cutomers needs then unless

the item does not match the agreed design then there are no returns on such items.

Should there be a problem, or a question you want answered please contact us via the Amazon

website at any time and we will endeavour to reply as quickly as possible.

We at KABOOM GIFTS hope that you enjoy your purchase and remember to use us again.

Product Features

  • A GREAT Novelty designed quality product.
  • WHAT YOU WILL GET is a bespoke quality Printed design with an opener on the rear. A novel 58mm (2.25 inch) keyring bottle opener backed badge.
  • FREE DESIGN SERVICE is provided to help produce a variation of this design or any completely new design to what you want.
  • HOW TO PERSONALISE – Contact us by email once you have purchased and paid for the item, and tell us what you would like put on to your purchase.
  • OTHER PRODUCTS – Be sure to visit our KABOOM GIFTS Store to see other styles and 1000’s of designs of our other products.

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PEIVOR Pregnant Women Relieve Pregnancy Vomit Wristband Anti-Nausea Retching Bracelet Early Pregnancy Stop Vomiting Anti-Motion Sickness Pregnancy Spit Bracelet

Product Name: Pregnant Women’s Bracelet
Size: all size
Applicable people: early pregnancy mothers during pregnancy, nausea, morning sickness, nausea, and discomfort during pregnancy
Body material: silicone
Maintenance method: please wash with a gentle detergent
Note: 1. Pregnant women who are sensitive or allergic to silicone materials, please use this product with caution.
2. After wearing the bracelet, if the morning sickness persists, please consult a professional.
3. The “pressure ball” on the bracelet presses the acupuncture point, which may leave a temporary ring mark on the skin, which is a normal phenomenon.
4. If the wristband is worn too tight, it will cause swelling of the hand. If swelling occurs, please remove the bracelet and wait until the swelling subsides.
5. A small number of people are particularly sensitive to the pressure of “Neiguan Point”. If discomfort occurs, please remove the bracelet immediately.

Product Features

  • ★ Press “Neiguan Point” to relieve morning sickness
  • ★ Acupressure, physical method is safer
  • ★ watch wristband, adjustable pressure
  • ★Silicone material, safe and healthy

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Dare: The New Way to End Anxiety and Stop Panic Attacks Fast


There’s a new and faster way for anxiety relief, but few have ever heard it. Most people are advised to either just “manage” their anxiety or medicate it away.

If you’re tired of just managing your anxiety and want a powerful natural solution, then apply the ‘Dare’ technique as explained in Barry McDonagh’s latest book.

Based on hard science and over 10 years helping people who suffer from anxiety, Barry McDonagh shares his most effective technique in this new book. The DARE technique can be used by everyone, regardless of age or background, to live a life free from anxiety or panic attacks.

In this step-by-step guide you will discover how to:

  • Stop panic attacks and end feelings of general anxiety.
  • Face any anxious situation you’ve been avoiding (driving/flying/shopping etc.).
  • Put an end to anxious or intrusive thoughts.
  • Use the CORRECT natural supplements to relieve anxiety.
  • Boost your confidence and feel like your old self again.
  • Fall asleep faster and with less anxiety each night.
  • Live a more bold and adventurous life again.

It also comes with a free App for your smartphone as well as four audios for quick anxiety relief. With these new tools you can apply the DARE Response in any situation that makes you anxious (e.g. driving/shopping/traveling). Help is now with you wherever you go!

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SlowTon Slow Feeder Dog Bowl, New Generation Dual Use Non Toxic Bloat Stop Interactive Fun Puzzle Dish with Non Skid Base Spiral Design Prevent Choking indigestion vomiting with Bonus Cleaning Sponge Brush for Small Medium Dogs(Black)

SlowTon Dual Use Pet Slow Feeder Bowl provides two spaces to hold food and water. Professional veterinarians carefully designed this slow dog feeder bowl to use daily in their own vet clinics.It promotes healthy slow eating, prevent bloating, obesity, regurgitation and overeating.

Outstanding features of the SlowTon Slow Feed Dog Bowl:
1.What we choose is high-strength and food-safe PP plastic to make your pet dogs safety, we also arrange the sponge brush in groups to solve the trouble of difficultly cleaning.
2.This SlowTon Slow Feeder Bowl is great for dog or cat which eats too fast. It slows down the rate of eating and cut down on stomach issues or vomiting.

Why choose the SlowTon Slow Feed Dog Bowl?
1. The slow feed dog bowl is suitable for both dry and wet food and it is easy to clean after using.
2.There are five rubber stoppers under the bowl to keep it from sliding around everywhere.
3.It is not only a feeder dish but also a mental stimulation”toy” keeps your dog health and happy.

Slow Feed Dog Bowl : Food safe PP plastics
Cleaning Sponge Brush: Sponge and PP plastics

Slow Feed Dog Bowl:8.07 x 1.38 inch(Dx H)
Cleaning Sponge Brush:11.61 x 2.36 inch(L x W)

Product Weight:
Slow Feed Dog Bowl:256g/9.03oz
Cleaning Sponge Brush: 22g/0.7oz

Package Include:
1 x SlowTon Slow Feed Dog Bowl
1 x Cleaning Sponge Brush

Warm Tips:
1.Please keep the slow feeder bowl away from fire.
2.Please put the sponge brush in a ventilated place to avoid moldy after cleaning.
3.In order to avoid fading, please do not put the slow feeder bowl under the sun for long time.

Product Features

  • Prevent choking and bloating — This eating slow bowl forcing dogs to lick the food out of the bowl. It makes your dog chews the kibble instead of just swallowing a mouthful whole to prevent choking and bloating.
  • New Generation and Dual Use — The new slow feeder bowl is combine the place of water and food. In the center of the bowl is a “mini water pool”to be used to hold water, multiple small compartments around keep dog from getting more than a small bite at a time. There are five little rubber feet under the bowl help keep the bowl in place while dog eats.
  • Make Every Meal Time Fun and Challenging — This slow feeder bowl is not only a food dish but also provides some mental stimulation. The maze helps dog stimulate his mental development and exercise his ability to resolve the issue.
  • Keep Health and Happy — This feeder dish is good for dogs that need to lose weight. It encouraging them to hunt and play with their food to help prevent boredom and keep them healthy and happy. It also can be used as a water bowl for dog that likes to drink very fast and throw up his water.
  • Easy to Use and Clean — This bowl with a capacity of 1½-2 cups of dry dog food, the “mini water pool”in the center of the bowl can hold 3oz of water. There is a free bonus sponge brush come with the bowl to make cleaning easier. Both hand wash with a sponge brush and top rack dishwasher safe.

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