Santa Riding Vomiting Rainbow Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater Women Sweatshirt Small Green

Hilarious Santa Riding Vomiting Rainbow Unicorn Ugly Christmas Sweater for Christmas college / office / home parties & contests. This sweatshirt is a great gift idea for any birthday, Christmas, Mother’s Day or any other day you want to celebrate! Unique gift from wife / husband /partner, son, daughter, kids, grandkids, mum or dad. Premium quality, machine washable, 65% cotton, 35% polyester, 100% awesome. Available in a wide variety of sizes – S, M, L, XL, XXL.

Product Features

  • Stay warm with this awesome sweatshirt!
  • Or even give someone you love the gift of looking cool while being warm
  • Beautiful colours on the most comfortable sweatshirts
  • Outstanding fabric quality! Super fast shipping
  • Made in the UK 100% Customer Satisfaction Policy

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Emergency Urine Bag, Portable Urine Bag and Vomiting Bag for men, women and children 6PCS

Introduction: This product is a convenient portable micro-toilet, filled with super absorbent curing agent and bactericide, great absorbency ability, solidified immediately after urination, no more unpleasant odors once liner is sealed.
Reasonable design: Designed according to ergonomic principles, the structure without leakage after an absorbent, easy to be used.
Comfortable use: The pocket opening is made by soft material, feel relieved to use.
Recommended to use: It can be used under conditions that are not convenient to use the toilet, such as car, hospital, survival, work, traveling, camping, etc..
Usage and Precautions:
    Holding the bag while using.
    Do not give the children to play.
    Do not get close to fire.
    Do not use in the other ways.

Product Features

  • Use the latest patented technology, can be completely degraded after abandoning, safety and environmental protection, non toxic and disposal safe.
  • Easy to carry, Disposable, Lightweight, two layers of exquisite packaging, healthy and hygienic.
  • Can quickly absorb urine or vomitus and become gelatinous material, avoid urine spillover and feces secondary infection, no peculiar smell.
  • Can help you solve the problem that you can not go to the toilet for various reasons, such as long travelling, long-distance driving, motion sickness, and any other inconvenient situations.
  • Convenient, unisex, even can be used as an auxiliary urinary aid for people with inconvenient movement caused by injury, disease, etc..

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Women and People Under the Age of 35 at Greatest Risk of Anxiety.

“Anxiety disorders, which often manifest as excessive worry, fear and a tendency to avoid potentially stressful situations including social gatherings, are some of the most common mental health problems in the Western world. The annual cost related to the disorders in the United States is estimated to be $42.3 million. In the European Union, over 60 million people are affected by anxiety disorders in a given year.”

“Women are almost twice as likely to be affected as men, and young individuals – both male and female – under 35 years of age are disproportionately affected.” From a review of existing scientific literature, led by the University of Cambridge published in June, 2016.

The Thrive Programme will help you take control of your anxiety, worry and fears. Find out more about the Thrive Programme now.