3 Responses to The Anxiety Solution: A Quieter Mind, a Calmer You

  1. fw389 says:

    Aimed at VERY specific kind of person I did actually quite enjoy elements of this book and there were parts that were quite thought provoking. Some of the activities at the back were nice and I appreciated the fact that references were provided to scientific research articles. I have no doubt that Chloe’s work will appeal to some people.However, this book is very clearly marketed at a certain type of person. The book speaks only to women – the author refers frequently to ‘we’ women and ‘our’ particularly problems so if…

  2. Mrs. H. V. Minor says:

    Read this if you suffer from anxiety issues or know somebody who does.

  3. Eleanor says:

    But it will help to educate you on various techniques to help calm yourself and learn to understand you and your anxiety a little better. 3 I got the Anxiety Solution as an audiobook and listened to it when I could, mostly during my commute. Chloe explains the effects and differences between people’s anxiety about various topics from body image to relationships and describing several exercises to do when you’re feeling anxious.It’s an alright read but it still won’t ever make up for a meeting with a trained therapist, as Chloe is, and talking your problems through individually for them. But it will help to educate you…

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