The Anxiety Workbook: A 7-Week Plan to Overcome Anxiety, Stop Worrying, and End Panic

“This book offers an engaging, lucid, and practical road map for understanding and taking charge of one’s own anxiety.” ―Steven Gans MD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

The persistent burden of anxiety, stress, and depression is debilitating and often feels unavoidable. However, armed with the right tools you can identify the sources of your anxiety and take a proactive, step-by-step approach to find relief. Arlin Cuncic, longtime mental health writer and social anxiety expert, whose blog Healthline named one of the ‘Best Anxiety Blogs of the Year’ provides a step-by-step, 7-week program to take control of anxiety. The Anxiety Workbook is an anxiety workbook filled with practical advice and in-depth strategies proven to conquer everyday anxiety.

An actionable plan to defeat anxiety, The Anxiety Workbook includes:

  • A 7-Week Program for overcoming anxiety, reducing worry, and ending panic
  • Helpful Tools including checklists, guidelines, and activities to help you understand your anxiety and set action-oriented goals to address it
  • An Essential Overview covering the basics of anxiety and how Cognitive Behavioral Therapy approaches it

“There are so many books out there that claim to help you understand and manage your anxiety. What makes this one different? It is accessible and straightforward, and offers motivation to complete the work of healing.” ―Tatiana Zdyb Ph.D., M.A., Clinical Psychology

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2 Responses to The Anxiety Workbook: A 7-Week Plan to Overcome Anxiety, Stop Worrying, and End Panic

  1. Anonymous says:

    This book will change your life! I could not be more ecstatic then I am right now! I have only begun to read this book, attempting to heal, already giving it 5 stars, specifically for one reason. The book focuses on practice, strategy and developing behaviors to manage anxiety. It’s not just about shoving a pill down your throat. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety, bipolar disorder 1, ADHD and depression. I can honestly say that anxiety falls even with Bipolar regarding how disruptive it can be in your life. My…

  2. Anonymous says:

    An excellent tool to help manage your anxiety! I knew I was feeling typical mom stress and that I tend to be a bit of a worry wart, but I didn’t realize just how much anxiety I carry around until I read this book. WOW. I can relate to so many of the personal stories and feelings described in the book. I also realized that many of the physical symptoms I regularly experience are probably related to the anxiety.Luckily, this books gives lots of great advice on how to manage anxiety. There are many places to write down thoughts,…

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