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  1. jcmacc says:

    Splenic Genius – with a Purpose If you know anything of Charlie Brooker, you’ll be aware of his many, many angry but incredibly funny rants at targets on TV but also increasingly examples of dumbness in the non-TV (real) world. There are few writers and broadcasters who can produce such insane levels of bile and hatred so often in such a skilled and drop-dead funny way. This is probably why he’s co-written with the ultimate pitch-black dark comedy genius, Chris Morris.What’s less obvious to the casual reader or…

  2. Sam Quixote says:

    Damn Good “The Hell of It All” continues where “Dawn of the Dumb” left off, collecting Brooker’s columns in the Guardian from Aug 07 to Aug 09. The chapters are divided between his Screen Burn columns where he talks about tv shows, and his G2 columns where he talks about other stuff. I love Brooker’s work especially his writing but always forget his columns are up on the Guardian website each week so seeing a 388 page book appear is always a surprise and a pleasure as I know I’ve got 2 years of Brooker’s…

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