2 Responses to When a Child’s Anxiety Takes Over: A Mother’s Struggle to Save Her Child from Emetophobia by Micheline Cacciatore (9-Apr-2015) Paperback

  1. Anonymous says:

    Great book written with compassion This book is written with compassion and love. It’s easy to understand how these parents just wanted to help their child, but struggled with finding the right tools. What’s amazing about this book is that it documents progress from a terrible situation, to a much better and more stable one. I think it also makes a pretty strong statement about the positive benefit of seeking professional help from trained specialists. It takes a whole team to support a person in need, and this family and their…

  2. Anonymous says:

    Read This! This book is a must read for any parent/caregiver with a child suffering from a phobia. The determination, courage and consistency this mother exhibited while finding the appropriate help and dealing with her daughter on a day to day basis is extremely admirable. The book gives hope to other parents that appropriate services for their child can be found and that “sticking with the program” really pays off in the end. It’s an easy, quick and interesting read with a happy ending! If your…

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